WEarable PlatfOrm for Personalized comfort

WEPOP is a research project with the main objective of developing a multi-sensing platform, which includes wearable sensors,
environmental sensors and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to enable personal comfort management systems


Heating, cooling and ventilation systems account for 30-40% of buildings energy consumption. But we still heat/cool buildings and not people. Personal comfort is the most promising approach to rduce such consumption, but its feasibility and perfomance are not demonstrated.


WEPOP will demonstrate how wearable technologies, integrated with environmental systems and artificial intelligence, can be used to develop personalised solutions that can improve comfort and productivity with up to 10% of energy saving.


WEPOP will release a modular platform for testing and developing personal comfort solutions for different use cases, prototypes for physiological and environmental sensing, pre-trained prediction models, algorithms for personal comfort managment and set of open data.

The research has been co-founded by the Italian Ministry of Research through the WEPOP (Prot.2022RKLB3J) ‘’WEarable Platform for OptImised Personal comfort’’ project, within the PRIN 2022 program.